Project NESE

Introducing The North East Storage Exchange

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The North East Storage Exchange Project

NESE will provide a high capacity, highly networked, secure, cost effective, scalable, and accessible data store that lowers barriers to research, collaboration, and information sharing within and beyond the participating multi-university community.

NESE Features


Secure data storage for research


Low Latency, high bandwidth

High Capacity

Unlimited Research Storage


Safe and Reliable Storage

Low Cost

Reducing the cost to our scientists and researchers

Local Support

Regional Hub with Local Experts

Founding Partners

Harvard University | MIT | Boston University

University of Massachusetts | Northeastern University | MGHPCC

We are hiring!

The Cyberinfrastructure Storage Engineer will play a key part in the North East Storage Exchange (NESE) project, directly supporting a critical example of the significantly increased growth of Research Computing at Harvard. This position is entirely NSF funded (NSF-ACI-1640831) through October 2021. The NESE project is a joint venture between the five founding member universities and the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC)



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